Tuesday small classes at OnTrack-Studios in Franklin, TN

Gayle Levee- All of Gayle's classes and workshops include step-by-step instruction and personal guidance.

Gayle Levee is classically trained as well as being an excellent instructor. Helping students build a solid foundation of strong basic skills is one of Gayle's most outstanding assets. She is also encouraging, positive and easy to be with. Study at your own pace, in a small group, at the beautiful OnTrack classroom. We will design a curriculum just for you. Groups are limited to seven, so you will get lots of individual attention -- but they will fill fast, so don't wait!

To schedule a demonstration or workshop for your organization, please contact Gayle.

Location: OnTrack Studios, 1978 Wilson Pike, Franklin, TN 37067. Need directions? Click here.

Morning class is from 9:00 to 12 noon. Afternoon class is from 12:30 to 3:30.


2019 Workshops

Dawn Whitelaw-March 26-28 “Taking your painting to the next level”,

June21-22, “Drawing for painters”, Most drawing classes focus on making a beautiful drawing. This class is designed for painters and is structured to address the specific drawing skills needed for painting. Students will be shown techniques of seeing proportion, angles, relative size and edge. The emphasis will be on helping each student find an approach to drawing that will be most effective for them.

August 7-10, “Painting the Head” Painting from a live model is an effective way to improve skills in painting any subject matter. In this workshop you will receive instruction on drawing, design, proper value and color use, and edge control. To benefit most from this class an artist should have some drawing skills and a working knowledge of the medium they are using. The workshop will consist of power point presentations, lectures, demos, and every student will get individual instruction at their easel. While most of the demos/instruction are geared for oil painters, acrylic artists, familiar with their medium, will also benefit and are welcome. A full color booklet of class notes is included. . Contact Brenda through this website for information.

Jason Saunders- May 1-4 For information contact Brenda Coldwell through this website.

Patrick Saunders- June 13-15 "The Dynamic Floral In Oils" The painted floral requires a balance of spontaneity and accuracy, a perfect subject to practice adding energy to all of your paintings. Learn about choosing a subject, composition, values, color temperature, simplification, how to start and when to stop. Each day will include a full demonstration followed by opportunities to create multiple paintings with frequent one-on-one instruction.For registration and information contact Brenda Coldwell thru this website.

Derek Penix - July 15-17 “Loosen Up” Students will use oils (acrylics are allowed as well) to paint from photos. They will have a choice of dozens of photographs consisting of trees, boats, cityscapes, figures, koi, hanging fruit. Students will also have the option to paint from their own photos if they choose.
Penix will cover topics like how to make your paintings more 3-dimensional, the power of warms and cools, color theory, harmony, edges, shape-quality, variety, simplifying, loosening brushwork, elements of design, elements of light and shadow, the power of suggestion and finally painting how you see versus just copying a photograph.

Suzie Baker- October 21-24 “Plein Air Painting” Cost is $525.00
The workshop will kick off with a lecture and demo. Students receive instruction on principals of painting ranging from drawing, color, value, composition, color theory and so much more. Every day, you will apply what is being taught by getting outside and paint with full days in the field seeing, recording and observing nature as it changes. Suzie will demo on location and offer one-on-one instruction to all the students while they paint in scenic locations.

Suzie’s personal goal is to identify every student’s level and provide strategies to progress through group instruction, example, and individual interaction. Her humorous, informative manner makes tackling this multi-faceted challenge a fun and rewarding experience. Contact Brenda Coldwell through this website for registration and Suzie’s supply list.

Portrait Class Schedule-6 week sessions 

These classes offer a different model every week, in a variety of clothing, costumes and poses. The class is $135.00 per 6 weeks. If you can't make class, you may find a sub or I can find one. There is no instruction, but there is a friendly critique from the group, towards the end of class. There will be some time to make changes (if needed) to your painting if desired. Contact Brenda Coldwell through this website for information.

2019 second session

January 3,10,17,24,31

February 7

3rd session 2019

February 28

March 7,14,21,

April 4, 11

Winter classes at On Track Studios

Pam Padgett teaching oil painting for all levels on Mondays through March 18, 2019. Please contact Pam for information.

Paula Frisby teaching oil painting for all levels on Wednesdays. Her next class starts June 5 2019. Contact Brenda Coldwell through this website for information.

Gayle Levee on Tuesdays. See above description and contact information.

NEW!! Cumberland Atelier at On Track Studios